Spanish Medical Conversation – Medical Spanish for Health Care Professionals

Do you need to learn Spanish medical conversation & are you a health care professional? In today’s medical field, you may be faced with more reasons  to satisfy the urgent need to communicate with your Spanish speaking patients who require immediate medical care.

What can you do? Learn Spanish medical conversation! Things like..

Hola, buenos dias. Que parte del cuerpo te duele? Sintomas? Hello, good morning. What part of the body hurts? Symptoms?

Learning medical Spanish can be very helpful. As you know, this country is ever evolving and the need to learn Spanish also is increasing, would you say? Although I do speak Spanish fluently, I have come across some really great tools for Medical Spanish for Health Care Professionals here that will really help you with Spanish medical conversation in the work environment.

Amazon has a really great deals on these 2 below. The “Spanish Medical Conversation” is cool pamphlet for doctors & others have on hand. The book “Spanish for Health Care Professionals” also comes in audio & available for Kindles if you have one. You can learn more about each of these tools by clicking on the images below.

Spanish Medical Conversation



Medical Spanish for Health Care Professionals

Learn Spanish in 7 Days by Dagny Taggart – My Personal Review

Can you really learn Spanish in 7 days?

learn spanish in 7 days review dagny taggart

Although this is my personal Spanish Tutoring Services blog, I will from time review some language learning techniques, tips, Spanish language software & products that I think students should apply or add to their repertoire to learn Spanish & further their education. There is an awesome book that I found recently called:

“Learn Spanish in 7 days by Dagny Taggart”

Dagney Taggart is an amazing a polyglot.

Read more about Dagny Taggart here!

This paperback book, which also comes in audible & kindle formats for your convenience is an awesome way for newbie to get a quick crash course to learn Spanish. Learn Spanish in 7 days is jam pack with the basics for Spanish grammar, greetings, introductions, conjugations of regular verbs in present tense, traveling & more here!

As a fluent Spanish speaker to student trying to learn Spanish, I definitely recommend that you buy Learn Spanish in 7 days. It’s true that you will NOT learn the entire Spanish language overnight, however it WILL help to expedite you learning the Spanish language & also is a great small investment into your language learning education!

Click Here To Buy Learn Spanish In 7 Days Now!

Spanish tutoring services – Why you need tutoring to learn Spanish

spanish tutoring

Do you need Spanish Tutoring Services?

In most schools across the US, students are required to take a foreign language as a requirement to graduate. Of these, Spanish is one the most spoken languages in the world after Chinese according to Wikipedia. This in inself is a really good reason to learn Spanish. However, it may be hard and really challenging to learn Spanish if this is your first time learning a foreign language. 

I want you to know that learning Spanish doesn’t have to be hard if you take advantage and make great use of some Spanish tutoring services. In fact, when you learn Spanish or any foreign language it can be lots of fun and really rewarding if you have a good system and backbone in place. Choosing to use Spanish tutoring services could be the best method to help you to develop a system that caters to your learning needs. Why do we say this?

The truth is that many Spanish courses and classes given in school don’t cater to all needs of students. Some students learn things audibly. Some by reading things. Many other students are visual learners. Why is it important to know and recognize this about yourself? Because this will determine how you learn Spanish and how Spanish tutoring services can personally cater to you one on one.

Often, students discover that the book Spanish that is learned in school is not the same Spanish that is spoken daily by natives. Has this been your experience? Be truthful. Although you may learn grammar in school, you probably have quickly realized that most natives may tend to use different colloquials, slang or even have different accents than that used in a school room setting. This is another reason to consider Spanish tutoring services.

Utilizing Spanish tutoring services will help you as a student to not simply prepare for test or understand a specific material studied. Rather, it will also help you to become more well rounded with the Spanish language.

Spanish tutoring services are a great a investment for your ongoing education and will create a convenient learning experience that sometimes may not always be available in or after school. You can have Spanish tutor to study with you when ever you need it.

 To try out our Spanish tutoring services & see how they will benefit you today, please contact us here.