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Hola and thanks for visiting my personal blog for Spanish Tutoring Services!

My name is Wally. If you made it to this site, you are likely taking Spanish in school and looking for some additional help to improve your reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills with the Spanish language.

My sole objective is to help you to achieve this very goal. I have helped many students to improve their Spanish language skills and I would like to help you to do the same.

About Me:

Although I am not a native Spanish speaker by birth, I have been around Spanish just about all of my life and speak it fluently. I have traveled to places like Puerto Rico, Spain, Panama, and Mexico. My background is actually French and Jamaican by my parents. Thus, I also speak French as well so you get a taste of both cultures.

I must say upfront that although there are many reasons to use Spanish Tutoring Services, it DOES involve some personal work and effort on behalf of the student. It doesn’t matter if you have tried Spanish books or Spanish language software, learning Spanish or anything new does require a serious ongoing commitment and motivation. As a dedicated Spanish tutor backed with years of experience in the field, I will help you to meet your potential and start seeing results from day 1. I know and understand fully what it involves to learn a language and will aid you in reaching your goals.

Although based in Chesapeake, Virginia, I also provide private professional Spanish Tutoring Services online for both kids and adults via Skype or by phone. See here for details.

Simply contact me by clicking here to setup a one on one appointment to try our online Spanish tutoring services today.

I look forward to working with you:)

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