Learn Spanish For Kids


When is the best time to learn Spanish for kids?

This is a question that I have been asked a number of times. If you made to this site you obviously have kids and wondering when should you start teaching them Spanish. Considering my personal experience and additional research, the simple answer to this question is as early as possible. You can even start from K-5th grades!

One big mistake that many make is to wait until kids get older or become adults. However, it is a proven fact that start earlier with language learning has tremendous benefits for kids. Why? The reason is for the obvious. You probably would agree that kids often absorb & remember things a lot faster than adults. They are just like sponges that continue to soak up information effortlessly in their surroundings and they virtually don’t forget anything! You know what I mean.

I mention this because learning languages, especially Spanish will be no different. The earlier you start, the better. The important thing is to start immediately by developing or following a simple system that will expose your kid(s) to Spanish everyday. My parents were multilingual and exposed us to Spanish as well as to other languages from at very early ages. So looking at myself I feel very grateful that my parents used Spanish and other languages growing up and also made us travel abroad to become even further immersed in cultures.

There are many great reasons and benefits of learning Spanish in the US as kids. This will obviously prepare your kids for future jobs and give them more of an advantage with another language under their belts. Also, many studies conducted have proven that bilingual students perform higher with tests and have cognitive advantages for reading & other areas in life. So it truly benefits your kids to start learning Spanish and this is why I highly recommend starting now if you haven’t already!

But again, as I mentioned above, it is important to establish a simple system to learn Spanish for kids. There are many ways to go about achieving this both online and from the comfort of your home. Next, I will share some simple ways that proven to be very effective to help kids get great exposure to the language.

What are the best ways to learn Spanish for Kids?

There are literally thousands of fun ways to learn Spanish for kids. However, I can’t possible enlist them all here. So what I would like to do is give you a few that have successfully helped many including myself to learn Spanish.

  • Spanish Cartoons (Dora the Explorer, Jorge el Curioso/Curious George)
  • Spanish Language Games (Ex. digitaldialects, memrise, etc)
  • Spanish Flash Cards
  • Spanish Language Software
  • Picture Books
  • Spanish Language Apps for Kids
  • Spanish Books for Kids
  • Spanish Tutoring Services
  • And More!

As a private Spanish tutor who also provides Spanish tutoring services, I have taken some time to explore & investigate a few proven language learning tools that have been used to help kids learn Spanish. The following are highly recommended fun ways to learn Spanish for kids that parents should consider here on Amazon. Feel free to purchase & tryout any of them to help your kids to learn Spanish from home. You will definitely see results!

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I hope that this information today has helped you to see and appreciate the importance of helping your kids to learn Spanish. As you could see above, there are several effective ways that are not only fun for kids, but also simple to implement. The main idea with any language learning method is to keep it regular, consistent and no doubt apply it daily to make it stick. These are just a few ideas that I wanted to share with you all today to help you to see great ways to learn Spanish for kids.

Now, I have a few questions for you..Which of the methods above will you start using today to help your kid learn Spanish? Also, tell me below why you personally feel it’s important to learn Spanish. I would really appreciate your feedback and look forward to reading your comments below guys.