Spanish For Kids


When is the best time to learn Spanish for kids?

The simple answer to this question is as early as possible. You can even start from K-5th grades! One big mistake that many make is to wait until kids get older or become adults. However, it is a proven fact that start earlier with language learning has tremendous benefits for kids. Why? The reason is for the obvious. Kids often absorb & remember things a lot faster than adults. They are just like sponges that continue to soak up information effortlessly in their surroundings. I mention this because learning languages, especially Spanish will no different.

What are the best ways to learn Spanish for Kids?

There are literally thousands of fun ways to learn Spanish for kids. However, I can’t possible enlist them all here. So what I would like to do is give you a few that have successfully helped many including myself to learn Spanish.

  • Spanish Cartoons (Dora the Explorer, Jorge el Curioso/Curious George)
  • Spanish Language Games
  • Spanish Flash Cards
  • Spanish Language Software
  • Picture Books
  • Spanish Language Apps for Kids
  • Spanish Books for Kids
  • Spanish Tutoring Services
  • And More!

As a private Spanish tutor who also provides Spanish tutoring services, I have taken some time to explore & investigate a few proven language learning tools that have been used to help kids learn Spanish. The following are highly recommended fun ways to learn Spanish for kids that parents should consider on Amazon. Feel free to purchase & tryout any of the following to use at home with your kids. You will see definite results!

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