Spanish Books for Kids 2-4: 10 Best Ways For Kids 2-4 to Learn Spanish Fast!

Are you looking for some Spanish books for 2-4 years old?

If so, then recently I came across some really great Spanish books that are really awesome tools to help kids learn Spanish.

If you are new to my blog, then you should know off back that I feel Spanish for kids is an awesome idea.

We all know that the brains of kids are like sponges and that they soak up everything. It’s for this reason that I have always felt that one should NEVER underestimate how much kids 2-4 learn even subconsciously. It’s also known that babies have the ability of learning multiple languages at a time. So there even more reason to start now if you have kids between the ages of 2-4.

Considering this proven fact, there is no need to wait until they commence school, nor traveling abroad. You can start using the best Spanish books for kids 2-4 to learn the language.

To find out more details on any of the Spanish books listed below, simply click on the book name and it will take you over to Amazon page for that book. I love Amazon because they have lots of fun books to help kids learn Spanish and other languages as well.



  1. La Gallina Cocorina
  2. My First Spanish Word Board Book
  3. Perro grande…Perro pequeno [Big dog..little dog]
  4. 500 Palabras Nuevas Para Ti [ 500 New Words for you]
  5. Eres Mi Mama?  [Are You My Mom?] Bright and Early Board Books
  6. Dragones y Tacos [Dragons & Tacos]
  7. Un Dia de Nieve [A Day of Snow]
  8. La Vida de Una Mariposa [The Life of a Butterfly]
  9. The Everything Kids’ Learning Spanish Book
  10. National Geographic Readers: Sigueme! [Follow Me] Animales Papas y Bebes

As a fluent speaker of the Spanish language, I highly recommend these Spanish books for kids 2-4. I think that they are very fun to ready and that your kids will have fun learning the language and different expressions.

The cool thing about all of these Spanish books for kids 2-4 is that they are all available online at Amazon as you could see above. I have included a special link that takes you directly to Amazon for my blog visitors. Simply click the Spanish book above to learn more about how to get your personal copy for your kids today!

I hope that these suggestions of my best Spanish books for kids 2-4 proves to be a great resource to learn the basics of the Spanish language! Tell me what you think below in comments. Also, don’t for get to share these with friends, family and other parents.