How Do Polyglots Learn So Many Languages So Fast?

I often wondered in the do polyglots learn so many languages like Spanish so fast? Do you know how? I do. It involves using a system that actually works! Which system? Keep reading to find out what polyglots know that you don’t!

For many, learning Spanish or ANY foreign language might seem a bit daunting. But if you had the secret to learning ANY language including Spanish, how much would it be worth to you? That is exactly what will talk about today in our review.

What You Should Know About PolyGlots

The truth is that polyglots learn multiple processes that involve duplication. It is true that some languages may not have any relation at all to others. But many languages, especially the Latin-based ones do and this is what makes it easier to learn ones like Spanish.

Something that all polyglots that I have spoken with in the past agree on are language-learning challenges. Which challenge in particular? One of the biggest challenges that most beginners have is FEAR. This is the first hurdle that you MUST overcome if you want to learn and master any language.

You see, polyglots learn languages because they are not afraid to learn something new. They are also not afraid to go out in public and start speaking from day 1 with total strangers. This is something that you too MUST learn how to do before you can get out of your comfort zone.

The truth is that once you learn one language, then it’s just a matter of replicating the same system. When you do this, it will expedite your progress with other languages that you would like to tackle.

Things Polyglots Do To Learn Languages

Polyglots are willing to do what others are not willing to do to learn languages. They will:

  • Buy language software¬†[Rocket Languages, Pimsleur, Living Language, etc]
  • Spanish tutoring services
  • Take ESL Classes
  • Willing to travel abroad to a country of the targeted language
  • They study several hours a day/ and or more than most require or expect
  • They don’t listen to negative talk
  • They don’t get discouraged nor give up if frustrated
  • Polyglots don’t wait until they sound perfect or speak like natives. They start from speaking from day 1.
  • They listen to podcasts and Youtube videos in their targeted languages.

Common Myths About PolyGlots..

It is often a huge myth that polyglots are just special and really gifted with language learning. Some people may even think that they have special secrets to remember things that others can’t.

This are some of the BIGGEST myths that have surfaced among those who attempt to learn a language and give up. Some may think this even if they have never tried learn a language. But again, it’s not true. Polyglots learn languages because they want to. They have true motivation and a burning desire. This is what really drives them to want to excel and not allow anything or anyone to hinder them from reaching their language goals.

Why do I mention all of this to you? This is essentially how do polyglots learn so many languages so fast. So if you want to learn Spanish or ANY language in life, you should know and understand that it will take a lot of pure dedication, time and ongoing effort to reach this goal.

It is it true that that there are many language learning tools that you can use to master Spanish. But if you are NOT really focused & your attitude is NOT right, then the outright truth is that you will NEVER learn Spanish or any language. As a polyglot myself, I just want to be 100% honest with you and tell you upfront that it does require real work to become a polyglot.

Things You Can Personally Do

Something else that you will notice how polyglots learn so many language so fast is that they associate with other polyglots. You can do the same by following popular Polyglot blogs like: [Just to name a few]

I think that this is one step forward to help you start to think like linguists. The truth is that when you associate around those who have already learned and speak your target language fluently, they understand what it really takes to learn the language.

Traveling Abroad

Another way how polyglots learn so many languages so fast is by traveling abroad to a country where the language is spoken. This is the case, but not because they are rich. This is another myth. It’s because most simply save up money to travel & live a few months at a time in a country. This step truly speeds up the learning process probably hundred fold in my opinion.

Obviously polyglots do things that allow them to breath, eat and sleep 24 hours a day with the language. This method is preferred versus spending a mere few hours a week in a school setting learning the language.

Its very important to start learning a language in to get a platform on which to build your language learning going forward to learn others. However, going abroad if possible will literally skyrocket your speaking and comprehension skills. However, of course now with the Covid pandemic we all are sort of chained down to our homes so traveling abroad may not be not be the safest idea now.


Now that you understand ways how polyglots learn languages so fast, it’s time for you to take action NOW! No matter the language that you want to learn, the best thing is to start learning now. Think about why you want to learn a language as this will serve as your true motivation and drive to not give up.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. There are tons of effective and proven methods that I have mentioned today that will help you to learn a language. The idea is to pick a few of them and start applying them today. Remember that it is not important to wait until you know everything about a language. If it’s any consolation, you will NEVER know everything about a foreign language being it’s not your first language. However, you can and will reach a level of fluency quickly if you start speaking with natives from day 1 no matter what you sound like.

Polyglots always set little goals for themselves that are very attainable. You can do the same. Once you reach each one of your language learning goals, then simple duplicate it over and over again. This is will help you learn languages faster using a simple simple that works for you!

After reading this review, what do you think about language learning? Do you think that it is still hard to learn a language? Which language would you like to start learning today? What do you think has been holding you back? Let me read your comments below!

I hope you much success this year in your efforts of learning a language!


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