5 Secrets How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Comprehension Skills

How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Comprehension Skills

Looking for tips on how to improve your Spanish listening comprehension skills today? If so then we will cover this today on this post.

If you just started learning Spanish, then you are probably having a really hard time understanding different Spanish accents. This was something that I discovered when I started learning Spanish years ago. Keep reading below to see some simple Spanish learning tips that you can apply today to improve your comprehension of the language.

How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Comprehension Skills Using Spanish Tutoring Services

If you are having trouble comprehending Spanish in class, then Spanish tutoring services maybe key to help sharpen your listening skills. Sometimes students may not understand their Spanish teachers in school because they speak to fast. Is that your case? If so, you should try working one-on-one with a private Spanish tutor who can work with you personally and do things at your pace.

How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Comprehension Skills Watching Spanish Movies

You may not believe it, but you can learn a lot of Spanish by watching Spanish movies. I think that one good way to go about this is by watching videos with subtitles. By watching Spanish videos or tv programs, you will be able to improve your listening comprehension skills when hearing different accents.

How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Comprehension Skills Listening To Spanish Music

Spanish Music is great to help improve your comprehension. If you have a local Spanish radio station, you can listen to it daily. If not, try subscribing to radio services like iHeart, Pandora, or even Spotify. All of these have Spanish music stations that you can listen to. They have free versions and paid versions. Stick with the freebies.

Try listening to Spanish music on Youtube also. Try searching for songs that you know already in English. Type in the name of the song follow by “Spanish version”. This will give you Spanish artists who have done a rendition of the same song, but in Spanish. Sometimes you can even get subtitles in English. This is a great fun way to learn new Spanish words and will sharpen your listening comprehension skills.

Example: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars (SPANISH VERSION)

How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Comprehension Skills Speaking To Natives

In most schools across the US, Spanish is taught with an emphasis on two main countries: Spain and Mexico. However, the reality is that there are 21 countries in the world the official language is Spanish. This means that if you stick to one way learning, then you are missing out on other accents, cultures, idiomatic expressions that you would never learn in a classroom setting. This explains why most students when hearing a Spanish word pronounced slightly different from the way it’s taught in school they are often lost.

For this reason if you live in or near an area where there are a lot of Spanish-speaking people from different countries, you could improve your Spanish listening & comprehension with them and become well rounded with the language. The more exposure you get, the more fine tuned your comprehension of the language will be.

How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Comprehension Skills Using Spanish Software

There are so many Spanish language learning software online that you can utilize to improve your listening skills. One of the main benefits of using them is that you can also hear accents from different countries. Some are inexpensive, while others may cost a pretty penny to buy. I recommend buying a Spanish software that’s in your budget. Most, if not all come with audio CD’s along accompanied by phrase books. To discover more ways to improve your listening skills using Spanish software, visit here.

As you can see in this brief discussion, there are many ways how to improve your Spanish listening comprehension skills. These are just a few of many that can get you going in the right direction. I hope that these tips will not only help you to understand Spanish, but also to build your confidence while communicating with natives.

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